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Dec 4, 2012 6:00pm PST
to save $10 mall year. officials warn that if a park tax measure failed last month this would happen and the measure did fail. >> we're at a place now where we don't have an awful lot of options available to us. >> fire officials say they made decisions based on call volume at each station and proximity to other stations. firefighters say closing the stations will increase response times. >> we'll have to reconsider our tactics, maybe not go in because when you go into in to do an interior fire attack, you need to have necessary backup on the outside. >> supervisors asked the fire chief to come back with more information on specific stations and possible alternatives. >> it's most likely that there will be some closure, whether that means full or partial closure, i think it's too early to tell. >> the board is expected to vote next tuesday of the. at least two additional fire stations could be closed in the next two years joomple election workers began tedious recount of ballots today in alameda county of of narrowly defeated transit tax. measure b1 would have increased the county tr
Nov 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
a proposed tax on search engines. the measure in germany would require search engines there to pay every time they link to copy writed context. google is asking users in germany to sign an online petition against that proposed tax. >>> pg & e is teaming up with researchers at uc davis to test new technology to spot leaks in gas transmission lines. researchers are using sensors mounted on small airplanes to test leaks. scientists say the goal is to find a less expensive more reliable way to pinpoint problems. >>> a multimillion dollars art project is taking shape on the bay bridge tonight. only on 2, ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar live on treasure island with the up close look that he got at the high tech art show destined for the new western span, tom. >> reporter: indeed, you know the vertical cables on this side of the bridge are exactly this wide and tonight crews are up there about the business of trying to put lights on every one of them. >> reporter: here's your exclusive look at legend theatrical. a company that lights theaters and buildings nationwide. it's the ultra high tech elec
Dec 3, 2012 6:00pm PST
: republicans say they will serve as watch dogs. democrats can raise taxes and more without republican votes. >> this historic super majority and we intend to use it purposely, with purpose, with humility. and with great strength. >> reporter: democrats haven't outlined an agenda but he is proposing a bold change to the proposition 13, to make it easier for voters to raise their own property taxes. >> it allows voters to be able to reinvest in a very under funded educational system. >> more details now. 7 of the 38 represent the bay area. all but one are democrats. jerry hill is leaving his seat to become a state senator. he will over see district 13. >>> the founder of mcafee said he left belize. a reporter spoke to john mcafee and asked him if the accusations are true, that he killed his neighborhood. >> reporter: did you kill him -- killed his neighbor? >> reporter: did you kill him? >> why did would i kill him? >> reporter: do you believe this is a vendetta to take you down and kill you? >> absolutely, sir. >> police say he is not a suspect, they just want to talk to him to get answers i
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3